The PanzerKampfWagen II (Panzer II) is one of the best tier 2 light tanks. Its frontal armor is better than any other tier 2 tank, and some tier 3 tanks as well. Combine that with the excellent Flak L/112 and you have a tank that is capable of destroying other tier 2 tanks with ease. Its maneuverability is greatly improved from the Leichtetraktor, and is an excellent, not to mention fun tank to play for beginners to the game. The PzKpfw II leads to the PzIII Ausf.A, the Wespe and the PzKpfw II Luchs.


  • The PzII is superior to the other tier two tanks, but don't be rash. You are not invicible, and rushing into enemy territory at the start is an excellent way to commit suicide. Either advance carefully or defend, using your gun to tear apart any light vehicle that dares confront you.
  • The T-26 is a vulnerable tier 2 tank, and you should exploit this advantage as much as possible. If you face a lone T-26 tank, try to keep your frontal armor facing your enemy and use your gun to destroy them.
  • The BT-2 is not a heavily armored tank, so you should have no problems destroying it if it is immobile. Beware, though, because the BT-2 may try to outflank you and hi you from the back, where you are vulnerable. If in this situation, reverse backwards, keeping your gun on the BT-2, and try to track it if possible.
  • Staying in a group is an advised tactic: that way, you can concentrate fire on your opponents.
  • If facing higher tiered tanks (you will rarely face any above tier 3) you will need to try to outwit your enemy. Duck behind cover when they are shooting at you and when you have the chance, punish them with your gun.